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E-mail address needed.


An e-mail address combined with a password is required to obtain portal access and communicate patient care information.  Patients may not share the same e-mail address.  Please obtain a personal patient e-mail address before requesting enrollment if one is not available.




Contact us.



A patient must be registered with our practice before enrollment.  We will need to know a first name, last name, date-of-birth, sex, residence address and e-mail address.  We will also ask for insurance or payment information.  Please call (702) 731-4088 to provide registration information and request enrollment.



We review our existing records before providing access, including information shared by a referring provider.  Identification will be checked upon arrival for your office visit.


Enroll with your PIN.

We will send you a one-time Personal Identification Number (PIN) enabling patient enrollment and access.  You will use the PIN to enter a password.  Your e-mail address acts as your user name.  After enrollment, you can provide or review information at your convenience.  We will send you periodic e-mail alerts to log-on to the portal.  Electronic forms requesting patient care information will be viewable on the portal via secure e-mail hosted within our portal.  This e-mail is separate from your personal e-mail service.  Any assigned forms need to be completed via the portal prior to patient arrival for an office visit.  You will need the personal e-mail user name and password to complete any form.